Interior views of 110 E. Market St., once Ace Loan, now being transformed by Resch Construction into The Root coworking center.

Looking up from the 2nd to 3rd floors.

Yesterday I chanced upon Steve Resch as he emerged from his work-in-progress at 110 E Market Street, the former Ace Loan & Sporting Goods, now being renovated to become The Root coworking space.

He was holding a prescription booklet and vial from the 1920s, artifacts left behind by the pharmacy that once operated upstairs, as well as a discarded theater ticket from 1897.

Steve let me peep inside as the second and third floors, unused for half a century prior to reclamation, are being cleared of debris.

Urban layers: The ancient unknown courtyard behind The Root (where Ace Loan used to be) has been opened to access — eventually.

And another Resch project to the left.

Two new stairways are being built.

Facing Market Street from the 2nd floor.

The mysterious courtyard in back.

Ground/1st floor.

1st floor looking east toward the future pub.