Forecastle steps in it.


If you’re going to join the chorus led by asscaps like Matt Bruenig and praise corporate monopolies even as you’re decrying corporate monopolies, then maybe a spate of research into audience demographics is merited.

We know women are attending (Forecastle) and others like it. We found this 2014 study from The Nielsen Company that says about 51 percent of the 32 million people who attend at least one music festival every year are women. So we think there’s probably an audience for female performers.

Selling out is such a dreary business, eh Matt?

Hey Forecastle, please don’t take this the wrong way. But where are all the lady performers?, by Bailey Loosemore (Louisville Courier Journal)

So the 2018 Forecastle Festival line-up was released today and we have to say, we’re pretty pumped.

Really. Chris Stapleton, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse: We’re super excited for all of them.

But, uh, we do have one small question for the organizers, if that’s OK. We’re not mad or anything, we just thought we might ask — where are all the ladies at?

Don’t get us wrong; this isn’t an outrage thing. Forecastle is huge for Louisville, and we all love it.

BUT. We did notice that the first female performer — Courtney Barnett — isn’t named until ninth on the list. And only eight of the 45 named acts that include female singers.