THE BEER BEAT: Chili cook-off at Donum Dei Brewery on the 28th, to benefit APRON.


This sounds like fun. Thanks to my pal Blake Montgomery for making me aware. Before we get to the gritty details, just a bit about the good cause of choice.


“Helping you out of the weeds”

APRON, Inc. was founded in 2011 by a group of individuals with ties to the local restaurant community. Apron supporters include owners, servers, chefs and others concerned about our local independent food and beverage service workers. They realize that independent restaurant employees may be susceptible to financial distress in times of crisis.

Now for the rules of engagement.

Just when you thought “Bowl Season” was finished, we present the first chili cook-off to benefit Apron, Inc. We need 10 contestants for this event. Already have 6 entered so need 4 more brave souls. Entry fee is $10, prizes for first, second, third and last place will receive the Dilly Dilly Award. Open to the public! Samples are just $1.00 and bowls of chili are $5.00 (all proceeds to Apron). If interested in being a contestant the first 4 people that PM us will be entered. (no professional chefs/cooks). Prizes include filled growler of beer, pint glasses, t-shirts, and beer candles from Wik’d. plus a trophy for 1st and last place. The only rule for the contestants is NO PASTA (we are NOT Cincinnati) Any meat, any beans, any peppers/spices are allowed. Must cook the chili prior to the event and deliver in a crockpot or any type of kitchen appliance that you can plug in. (ovens and grills are excluded) Come one come all and don’t get the Dilly Dilly Award