Hemorrhaging votes, an increasingly disoriented Deaf Gahan sidesteps Mt. Tabor-Klerner intersection … for now.


In a stunning roundabout turnabout, Deaf Gahan dispatched his Minister of Engineering to this morning’s meeting of the Board of Public Works and Safety, and with little fanfare, erased his previous line in the sand — and drew a new one to the west of the intersection of Mt. Tabor Road and Klerner Lane.

In the aftermath, City Hall’s patented Tilt-A-Whirl propaganda wheel was utterly predictable: Don’t you see, peasants? Dear Leader listened to your comments at the most recent public meeting.

Are your hip boots on?

On January 2nd, the City of New Albany held the third public information meeting for the Mt. Tabor Road Project. After receiving feedback and comments from residents and engineers, the City of New Albany has removed plans to modify the intersection at Mt. Tabor Road and Klerner Lane. As part of this federally-funded project, the four-way stop will remain …

… “We will keep working to improve the roadway and infrastructure at Mt. Tabor Road,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan. “We welcome and appreciate the input and feedback from our neighbors and business owners. Please stay connected by reading the News and Tribune and by visiting our website.”

Ah, but lest we forget, Team Gahan didn’t want this meeting to occur in the first place. John Rosenbarger, Larry Summers, et al — they publicly sulked and pouted when INDOT reminded them of their legal obligations v.v. the intersection’s change in configuration, and as Gahan babbled incoherently (“that’s why we’re here”) …

 … the functionaries smirked.

The Jeffersonville chain newspaper’s Morris properly waited a bit to acquire quotes from the Taborite objectors, who did their homework.

It was worth it.

Plan for Mt. Tabor Road-Klerner Lane intersection on hold

NEW ALBANY — Bidding for phase one of the Mount Tabor Road project begins Feb. 7 and work is slated to start in April or May. But there will be one major change moving forward. Phase one won’t include the intersection of Mount Tabor Road and Klerner Lane …

… One of those residents, Scott Whalen, said he was happy to hear the city is taking a second look at its plans for the intersection.

“It is great news that the city has chosen to take another look at the traffic conditions at the intersection while they address the primary reason for the project — the hillside leading to Slate Run Creek,” Whalen said via email. “As not only a stakeholder in the project, but also as an engineer, it is important to ensure the measured conditions represent the typical use. Performing the traffic counts for only 24 hours and while the intersection was the detour for McDonald Lane did not meet this criteria. The re-evaluation is what we at the corner have been asking for” …

… INDOT told the city that it should complete an additional information document and involve the public with its plans again to become NEPA complaint, which is a requirement for federally funded projects.

“Although I’m relieved to learn somebody finally heard the residents, it’s disheartening to know that all parties involved have already spent thousands of dollars on legal fees. Why did we (the local residents) have to reach out to the top state politicians and INDOT management for our own city to listen to us,” resident Kelly Feiock said in an email. “We’re not shy and we’re willing to talk. All of this wasted time and money could have been avoided five years ago with open communication.”

So, really — why the change of heart? Politics — first, last and always.

It isn’t so much about disappearing votes in the 6th district, Gahan’s traditional home field. The 6th already is lost to Democrats, probably for a generation. Rather, it’s about panicked quarantine.

No one’s buying City Hall’s limp palaver about the housing authority putsch, and with each passing day, more Democrats are looking at the dynamism of Dan Canon and Liz Watson, contrasting them with Gahan’s agoraphobic, bunker-confined DINO disguise, and scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Dan’s and Liz’s direction is incompatible with Jeffrey’s, and it’s likely that DemoDisneyDixiecratic party chairman Adam Dickey has been cooing seductively in Gahan’s ear, but the irony remains, because apart from his own self-generated mythology, the mayor is far more of a liability to the party than an asset.

And that’s fine by the resistance. Don’t forget: #FireGahan2019