Many cities have night mayors. We’d settle for one in broad daylight.


To the contrary, being a “night mayor” is about more than keeping your sycophantic staff awake with bellicose phone calls.

Mirik Milan’s thoughts on sustainable nightlife include bringing together stakeholders and ensuring dialogue. Needless to say, Jeff Gahan hasn’t managed this much during bankers’ hours.


The Night Mayor Goes Global, by Feargus O’Sullivan (CityLab)

When reports of Amsterdam’s Night Mayor started filtering into the international media, few could have imagined the concept would take off around the world with such speed. While the Dutch capital was not the first city to have an independent body or NGO working with the actual mayor to make sure its night hours run smoothly, Amsterdam has nonetheless been at the forefront of spreading the concept. Now a host of other cities, including London and New York, have adopted something similar and Amsterdam’s example is being widely celebrated as a healthy template for cultivating a harmonious nighttime atmosphere for citizens—whether asleep or awake …