Post-clearcutting cycle of nourishment: “Shelby Place median in New Albany to get facelift.”

Just one Gahan campaign donation from 2015.

2016 Democratic visionaries.

“It looks like Shelby Place soon will be getting a facelift.”

Not a probing question asked, not a spade of earth disturbed. Just take their word for it, and move on. Steady rivulets under the radar are how beaks come to be wetted, but it’s nothing to a journalist, right?

Fourth Estate?

Let me know if you spot it. It’s been missing so long that I fear the worst.

Shelby Place median in New Albany to get facelift, by Chris Morris (Stenographers of the World Unite)

The New Albany Board of Public Works & Safety approved a proposal from T.A. Ginkins Company LLC Tuesday to improve the median landscape and lighting on Shelby.

The plan, which is for $39,447, calls for the removal of existing trees and shrubs which already has taken place and to install new landscaping. The proposal is for new trees, shrubs, soil and brick chips, which was submitted to the city by Grantline Garden Center last July. New lighting and posts will also be added to the median which separates both lanes of the street.

A brick/stone entrance wall facing Vincennes Street, engraved with Shelby Place, also will be installed.

“This will make it 100 percent better. The neighbors are behind the project,” City Controller Linda Moeller told the board after reading the proposal.

Terry Ginkins said the planting of the new landscaping, which will be done by Grantline Garden Center, is weather related. He said the entrance will also include an historic designation marker.

“It’s going to be a nice little project,” Ginkins said. “I think it will look good, but it’s right across from New Albany High School so it should look good. A lot of people visit the school.”

Your turn, Shelby Place: City Hall’s insatiable Husqvarna envy claims a few more trees before year’s end.