86 or 7 to 18? Another update in the accumulating lawsuits of Haymarket Whiskey Bar’s owner Matthew Landan.


Previously: New cases in the case of Haymarket Whiskey Bar. (December 27, 2017).

Pertaining to the ongoing saga of Matthew Landan and his Haymarket Whiskey Bar, as currently embroiled in lawsuits and countersuits, reporter Jason Riley of WDRB-41 recently posted two relevant tweets about judicial decision-making. We missed them, but here they are.

First, the judge has ruled that Monnik Beer Company will have to testify in the deposition. Monnik is involved because Landan seeks to prove that the name used by this woman on her social media account, where she initially made accusations of rape against Landan, is a pseudonym. 

In the original post, since removed, the accuser seemed to be implying that she worked at Monnik, hence the subpoena to the brewery.

It should be noted that Landan hasn’t yet been formally charged with rape or crimes pertaining to sexual assault, although a second woman recently filed suit against him for criminal assault and wanton endangerment.


Concurrently, Landan’s U of L dissertation remains on the table in the countersuit filed against him by two former employees.


In closing this installment, I have a serious question; maybe a reader can direct me to the answer, seeing as I’ve seen no mention of it lately.

In the immediate aftermath of the original social media post, information began circulating to the effect that numerous other women — as many as 17 — were coming forward.

Landan’s lawsuit refers to this.

Landan believes his two former employees invented this information, so since the initial firestorm, have there been any further reports from or about these other women?

Stay tuned. This one’s going to last for a while.