“Show Me the Money” (video): Jeff Gahan’s campaign contributors provide a who’s who list of buying and selling a city.


It’s why we’re here. Back in 2015, The Bookseller pored over Jeff Gahan’s official campaign finance report to the state of Indiana and produced this video. In light of more recent developments, the video takes on whole new relevance.

A slideshow version of the campaign finance disclosure of the Committee to Elect Gahan, Abigail Gardner, Treasurer. This CFA-4 form was filed on October 16, 2015 on behalf of Jeff Gahan’s run to be elected mayor of New Albany, Indiana.

Wait — did someone just mention Gahan’s hostile takeover of public housing in New Albany? Just look at some of the donors from 2015 who currently populate the colonial administration on Bono Road. Seeing as the the putsch is a land grab to facilitate future development, the breadcrumb trail is fairly easy to discern.

Is this really the sort city you wish to call home?