Just in case you’re wondering what Katie Toupin’s been doing.


Jeeebus, that voice.

She’s in LA, and you can find her here:


Growing up in southern Indiana, Katie Toupin wasn’t exposed to a lot of music early on outside of her father playing blues guitar. He had quit the bar band scene when she was young, but the pentatonic scale often rang through the house. But at 18, she fell in love with making music, playing guitar snd singing and writing songs. When she was 21, she formed the band Houndmouth with some friends. Houndmouth was noticed internationally and things moved quickly. Houndmouth signed with Rough Trade Records and Katie found herself playing notable festivals such as Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits Festival, Lollapalooza as well as playing late night slots on David Letterman and Conan. Houndmouth’s song Sedona reached number 1 on Billboards AAA chart. Katie released two records with Houndmouth and toured internationally up until her departure from the band in March 2016. Upon moving to Los Angeles in February 2017, she found clarity and honesty after many rigorous years on the road. After a year and half of writing, she now embarks on her solo career, finding more soulfulness and freedom in her music than ever before.