SHANE’S EXCELLENT NEW WORDS: Gahandescently we glow amid the Gahanaissance.

School of Athens; Playskool on Main.

It is said that the sticky bun of enlightenment never sets on New Gahania, and that’s just as well, because beaks are waiting to be wetted, but today we have our old friend J to thank for some highly creative coinage.

Just in case you’d like to have a word of the year contest, similar to the one which somehow yielded “selfie” a few years back, I’d like to get a jump on things by offering my own word.

It conjures up all of the grandiose sights one can see from Silver Hills, it summons the citizens to curry favor, as do loyal Trump toadies, it goads those citizens to recognize and cause other citizens to recognize the limitless beneficence His reign has brought us. And, it brackets His time upon the throne as a time of progress, energy, knowledge, art, free-thought, and light. The sidewalk piano alone rivals many of the baubles found along the streets of Florence (the one in Italy).

My submission, humble as it may be is: Gahanaissance.

May its light shine, not just in the new year, but in the still unlit halls of history. And, let us remember that we were in that light, briefly, too, too briefly, if only the penumbra.

Good riddance to 2017, and bring on 2018.

Not defeasance, malfeasance or obeisance — Gahanaissance. By the way, in case you may be wondering …

penumbra (Merriam-Webster)
Every solar eclipse casts an umbra, the darker central area in which almost no light reaches the earth, and a penumbra, the area of partial shadow where part of the sun is still visible.

Speaking of lights brightly shining and shade duly thrown, there is a second exciting submission to begin 2018, further illuminating the vista from Silver Hills.


Incandescence is “the emission of electromagnetic radiation (including visible light) from a hot body as a result of its temperature (deriving) from the Latin verb incandescere, to glow white, (and is) a special case of thermal radiation.”

Gahandescence is “the white hot glowing of Dear Leader’s radiance, which bathes all New Albanians in the sweet light of an irradiated penumbra.”

As for detumescence, look for it to occur in 2019 — in the primary.

As an addendum, NA Confidential has been unable to confirm whether New Albany Mayor Jeff M. Gahan or anyone working in the city’s administration is under federal investigation or indictment for corruption, bribery or racketeering. It is standard policy of the U.S. Justice Department to refuse to confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of investigations or subjects of investigations. A similar policy exists at the F.B.I.