Gospel Bird is closed TODAY for renovations, but will be open on the bar side with food for the remainder of the week.


Take note that Gospel Bird is closed today (Tuesday, January 2) for renovations.

However,  Eric Morris tells NA Confidential it’s only temporary.

“We’ll probably be open the rest of the week (after tonight) but just on the bar side only. So long as we leave a path to bathrooms for the guests.”

Food will be served in the bar as renovations proceed.

“It’ll be a full interim menu — a mix of old and a little new.”

For more: Eric Morris talks about his plans for Gospel Bird in the New Year.

Also, see Dana McMahan’s in-depth article in the C-J.

‘Quality over quantity’: Gospel Bird restaurant to close in January for menu, decor reboot, by Dana McMahan (Courier Journal)

New lighting, new wood floors to replace the old terrazzo, greenery, and new paint will all serve to make for a warmer, more inviting space. He hasn’t settled on paint colors yet, but color there will be, Morris says.

The zinc bar and tables in the bar will remain but in the dining room the tables will be topped with black cloth (serving a dual purpose of complementing the softer new look and dampening sound, which is severely needed, Morris says).

But this makeover is about more than cosmetics. The very approach of Gospel Bird is changing, inspired by Morris’ passion for an ever-evolving menu …