Jeffersonville’s call to artistic creativity is a sad mirror held to New Albany’s anchor-bound cult of personality.


It’s so very telling that in Jeffersonville, artists are ASKED.

In New Albany, artists first must conform to Dear Leader’s vision of dogs playing poker on every street corner — and a Velvet Gahan above every hearth.


THE STORY OF US: Jeffersonville asks artists to submit ideas for riverfront signage, by Jenna Esarey (That Jeffersonville Newspaper)

 … During reconstruction of the downtown marina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a memorandum of agreement stipulating details like trees to be planted, among other things. “One of the stipulations called for the installation of interpretive signage,” said Dawn Spyker, Public Art Administrator for the city.

“I thought, could this actually be a piece of art? Let’s make it a sculptural interpretive sign. This could work,” she said.

On Dec. 22 the city issued a call to artists to create a sculptural piece to celebrate and interpret the city’s river heritag …