New cases in the case of Haymarket Whiskey Bar.


The saga continues.

Haymarket Whiskey Bar’s listing at the Urban Bourbon Trail has been restored (scroll down at the site to see it), and these two links tell the story of recent legal salvos.

First, from December 19, a subpoena.

Attorney for Haymarket Whiskey Bar owner Matthew Landan files subpoena to identify rape accuser, by Jason Riley (WDRB)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – An attorney for Haymarket Whiskey Bar owner Matthew Landan is seeking to identify a woman who accused Landan of raping her by subpoenaing information from the woman’s employer.

Attorney Andrew Horne will seek testimony from a Monnik Beer Company representative on Jan. 4 about the woman who claimed on Facebook that Landan raped her. Horne believes she works for Monnik and was using an alias in the Facebook posting, according to court records.

Brian Holton, one of the brewery’s owners, said he was not ready to comment because he had not received the subpoena.

Then yesterday, a countersuit.

Haymarket Whiskey Bar: Woman who says owner drugged her files countersuit, by Bailey Loosemore (Courier-Journal)

A Louisville woman who publicly accused a downtown bar owner of drugging her drink has put the allegations into a countersuit she filed against him this week.

The woman says in the suit filed Friday against Matthew Landan that he committed criminal assault and wanton endangerment when he placed unknown drugs in a drink that he served her in his bar on Market Street.

The countersuit is the second filed this month against Landan, the owner of Haymarket Whiskey Bar who last month was accused of being a rapist in a widely shared Facebook post.

There isn’t much else to say. It’s surely to become a war of attrition in the courts, and meanwhile … old news to many?


“Sexual assault victims are seeking justice on social media. Experts warn it’s not bulletproof.”

We’re not exempt, so NAC’s New Albany “Person of the Year” for 2017 is #MeToo — the NA silence breakers.

Former Haymarket employees strike back with countersuit, directing attention to Matthew Landan’s masters degree thesis.

Landan counter-attacks: “After Facebook Outrage, Owner Of Haymarket Whiskey Bar Sues Over Rape Allegations.”

“When internet justice is likely the only justice”: Allegations of rape against Matthew Landan result in the closing of Haymarket Whiskey Bar. Are we learning yet?