The Floyd County Democratic Party is terminally ill. That’s why its members are praising Gahan’s Goons and the ongoing attack on the city’s vulnerable public housing residents.


WHAS-11’s Holden Kurwicki tried to reach Jeff Gahan and other elected officials for comment, but the Genius of the Floodplain couldn’t be bothered to reply. Until I can find a version of the video capable of being embedded here, watch (as well as read) it at WHAS’s web site.

It’s the ideal morality tale for the holidays, with Floyd County’s DemoDisneyDixiecrats teaching us all the wrong lessons about greed, incompetence, over-reach and shamelessness.

And these are the minions who’ll save us from Trump?

The ones averting their eyes as a C-minus megalomaniac loots the New Albany Housing Authority?

The ones with nothing to say as their mind-numbingly mediocre mayoral hero out-trumps the Donald with the help of his snow lizard?

It needs to be remembered, and repeated as often as possible, that a NAHA board populated by a conniving mayor with bootlicking sycophants for the express purpose of wreaking havoc on NAHA cannot simultaneously issue reassurances denying such havoc will occur.

It’s laughable. The Democratic Party owns this debacle; currently the only elected official with the stones to take a principled stance is Ed Clere, a Republican.

But I must confess to the immense entertainment value of hearing Gahan, Duggins and their flailing functionaries wail about folks not trusting them.

This is what happens when unethical bullies make a habit of spinning ridiculous whoppers about what they’re pretending to do, when what they’re really doing is obvious to fishermen off the coast of Madagascar. It’s fairly clear from State Street, too.

Actions like these make Gahan’s clique profoundly untrustworthy — and precisely the sort of lawless element we should actively resist, not condone. Local Democrats say they’re part of the solution. Reality on the ground is markedly different.