Eric Morris talks about his plans for Gospel Bird in the New Year.


Yesterday at Facebook, Gospel Bird‘s owner Eric Morris previewed a forthcoming remodel and reboot of his restaurant at 207 E. Main Street in New Albany.

Beginning in January, Gospel Bird will be shutting down for a week or two for a BIG remodel.

We want to thank you for your support over the past two years, and can’t wait to show you what we have in store. Not only will the overall aesthetic be updated, so will the food, cocktails, and wine program.

In striving to be as progressive and welcoming as possible in this industry, we want to continue to bring fun and unique food and drink options to downtown New Albany. This will include an ambitious standard of printing your menus daily with a constant rotation of fresh dishes that not only portray the talent of our team but also the amazing food our local farmers work so hard to produce.

Our new menus will challenge our chefs even more as we lean towards a made-from-scratch standard utilizing only fresh food, fresh herbs, and a zero waste policy. All food that comes through our door will be utilized in respect to our farmers and the environment.

Please stay tuned for all updates and thank you again for your support!!!

-team gospel

Earlier today Eric expanded on this, via a chat with me on Fb Messenger.

We will have a lot of new small plates options with a world influence. The wine selection will get an upgrade, and entrees will change week to week. The Gospel Bird staples (the yardbird, shrimp and grits, thunder thighs) will still be served on Whiskey Wednesday. 

Just to make it a little more clear, we want to stay competitive and cutting edge in an industry that is becoming over-saturated. We feel like the way to do that is to serve people food that we feel very passionate about, with no limitations. Some of it will be adventurous, and some you will recognize, but by trimming down our menu it allows us to focus more on each dish, from where it came from to how it is prepared.

Our service to our guests will also see a huge upgrade as we educate them as well.

Based on previous conversations, I can say with certainty that Eric’s been thinking about his past involvement with Ten Tables:

“In its original incarnation, Ten Tables was a location-rotating dinner club hosted by chefs Dustin Staggers, Eric Morris, Ethan Ray, and Griffin Paulin.”

Back in 2014, Kevin Gibson surveyed the concept here: Ten Tables creates a buzz no one, not even the chefs, expected.

Ten Tables was a pop-up, both in terms of location and menu. In short, you put your name on a waiting list, and were called to attend. You’d know the menu only upon arrival. Daunting for some, but a sheer delight for others.

Obviously, Gospel Bird will not be a reincarnated Ten Tables. But the influence of Eric’s experience at Ten Tables is his belief that diners want to try new and inventive things.

In my view, New Albany is fortunate to have food and dining professionals who believe our scene is evolving, and who are willing to evolve with it. Differentiation is good, so stay tuned; there’ll be more as Gospel Bird moves forward.