Rep. Ed Clere on Gahan’s public housing deceptions: “Paper promises are not enough. The residents deserve meaningful assurances and action to ensure they’re future access to housing.”



The News and Tribune is AWOL (N & T coverage here) as Justin Sayers at the C-J breaks this important story detailing Rep. Ed Clere’s public stance on the public housing putsch and his attendance at tonight’s Hauss Square vigil.

Hilariously, all David “Brownie, You’re Doing a Heckuva Job” Duggins can do is spout bilge about “politically motivated” protests and outside conspiracies.

As we noted yesterday, paranoia is on the rise within the ranks of Team Gahan — and where are all the Democrats?

You’ve stepped into it, Jeffrey. That’s why the smell keeps getting worse and worse. Expect to see a few of the mayor’s operatives tonight, hovering around the periphery, taking notes. When the reprisals begin, and they will, just remember that for the City Hall sycophants wetting beaks and running envelopes, the end justifies the means.

‘Paper promises are not enough’: Lawmaker joins public housing fight in New Albany, by Justin Sayers (Louisville Courier Journal)

Housing advocates in New Albany said they remain unswayed by a city promise that no residents will go homeless because of a plan to overhaul public housing.

And a group of them, including state Rep. Ed Clere, plan to deliver a petition on Monday from more than 3,000 New Albany residents – including a quarter of the city’s roughly’s 2,000 public housing residents – that asks Mayor Jeff Gahan to not “tear down public housing without a plan to replace it.”

The “Candlelight and Prayer Vigil,” sponsored by newly created outreach group We Are New Albany, is to begin at 6 p.m. Monday outside the city-county building at 311 Hauss Square.

“Paper promises are not enough,” said Clere, R-New Albany. “The residents deserve meaningful assurances and action to ensure they’re future access to housing.”

David Duggins, interim director of the New Albany Housing Authority, called the rally and petition “politically motivated” and the actions of people who “do not have the best interests of the residents in mind.”