Let’s borrow LEO’s “Thorns and Roses” idea and apply it to the News and Tribune.


From last week’s LEO Weekly comes this entertaining segment in the Thorns & Roses issue.

Thorns & Roses: Courier Journal bites back

[The following is one part of the Thorns & Roses issue, where we discuss the worst, best and most absurd people, places and things in Kentucky this year]

This page is where every week we deal out Thorns, Roses and Absurds to anyone and everyone in the state (often Gov. Matt “Oblivious” Bevin because he is a thorn machine). Our target also has been Courier Journal, which we love to hate and hate to love. When a thorn is thrust, it always is in good fun, with the goal of making the newspaper better. For this issue of LEO, we thought it would be… fun — or masochistic — to turn over this column to Courier Journal. We asked CJ to give us their best, and the paper agreed to do so, assigning reporter Jeffrey Lee Puckett and metro columnist Joe Gerth … This below is their best?

If you’re a regular reader of NA Confidential, you know the absentee Courier-Journal seldom so much as enters into the blog discussion these days, but when we consider the CNHI newspaper in Jeffersonville — well, to borrow LEO’s description, it’s something we love to hate and hate to love.

Seeing as you’re invariably exposed to my invective, this time I’ll button my lip and ask you to contribute.

Based on what you’ve observed in 2017, what are your thorns and roses for the News and Tribune?

What does it do well, and badly?

Send you answers through the usual channels, and post here or at Facebook.