Gahan’s reeking public housing putsch, his chosen procurators, their escalating foul tempers — and snow, wonderful snow.


A previous conversation about snowblindness, joined in progress.

Wait — did I forget to answer your question?

Sorry about that!

Here’s a solid primer on the topic at hand; hope it helps.

Short-term health effects of cocaine:

  • extreme happiness and energy
  • mental alertness
  • hypersensitivity to sight, sound, and touch
  • irritability
  • paranoia—extreme and unreasonable distrust of others

Some people find that cocaine helps them perform simple physical and mental tasks more quickly, although others experience the opposite effect. Large amounts of cocaine can lead to bizarre, unpredictable, and violent behavior.

What was that?

No, I hadn’t heard about the random drug testing program being terminated without explanation, and I didn’t know this meant he could have avoided the standard drug screen prior to taking the job.

It’s probably just a coincidence, anyway. How long does it remain in the bloodstream, anyway? Looks like more research is merited.

Now, where were we?

Ah, yes — it all comes back to me now.

Robo-NAHA board waves sheets of meaningless paper while Duggins foams at the mouth. No worries, because Gahan’s finest functionaries are on it.

Below are photos of this inexplicably bizarre *’false’ rumors* resolution (what about all those true rumors, anyway?) and the accompanying letter to New Albany Housing Authority residents, but first … paranoia, big destroyer?

Have you noticed how irritable and sensitive Jeff Gahan’s fawning flatterers at NAHA Occupation Force Supreme Command have gotten lately — especially the Imperial Grand Poobah, who suddenly was shifted away from the redevelopment mess and appointed to wet the beaks of future developers as the luxury land grab approaches?

When Gahan’s punch-drunk putsch was launched almost a year ago, there was euphoria and celebrations in the Stretch Humvee Limo (complete with paid eye candy) in route to the glories of Keeneland; now it’s like Baghdad after Saddam Hussein was toppled, with rapidly spreading chaos, stunning incompetence, hyperactive attention to perceived slights, and lately these big, angry, roundhouse punches being thrown at phantom “enemies” no one else in the room can even see.

Seriously, who can keep a straight face while reading a borrowed-from-Hallmark line this lame: “At this festive time of year, we need to focus on our families.”

Heavens. Lindsey Buckingham managed far better than this while assembling Tusk: “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on? Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone?”

Now that’s an old-school snowstorm — and Buckingham was a consummate pro, not a servile minion.

Meanwhile, in 2017 Gahan scratched his 50-something New Albanian white boy’s itch and gleefully snatched the housing authority, but now the stench just won’t go away — and the sycophants and lickspittles assigned to monetize and colonize New Albany’s most vulnerable population will be getting ever more testy.

Dude, why not take a break for the holidays? I mean, things like this aren’t good for the nervous system, are they?