As condescending as ever, Pinocchio Rosenbarger presumptuously alters Mt. Tabor-Klerner intersection plans, is called out by INDOT, and blames everyone except himself.


Previously: Since 2013 (and before), the Mt. Tabor Road beak-wetting boondoggle is a large millstone hung around Jeff Gahan’s neck. Mayor overboard?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: City Hall unresponsive.

Great work, Scott Whalen. The Green Mouse believe that when it comes to the mayor’s list of enemies, you’re number two with a bullet.

INDOT tells New Albany officials Mt. Tabor Road project change requires more public input, by Elizabeth Beilman

City officials intend to build signalized intersection

NEW ALBANY — The city of New Albany must seek additional public involvement before it can move forward with reconstruction of Mount Tabor Road — something for which a handful of residents have been asking for about a year.

Last year, city officials changed the plans for the intersection of Mount Tabor Road and Klerner Lane from a four-way stop to a signalized intersection with turning lanes. The project will result in an entirely reconstructed 1-mile portion of the cracking road as well as new sidewalks.

Because the project is federally funded, the city must follow the National Environmental Policy Act. According to Indiana Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Manning, the approved environmental document shows the project will involve a four-way stop, which is what exists now.

INDOT reviewed documents submitted by the consultant at the request of Mount Tabor Road and Klerner Lane residents. State officials discovered that while the city changed the intersection design, the NEPA documents don’t reflect this change.

“I feel vindicated,” said Scott Whalen, who lives on the corner of Mount Tabor Road and Klerner Lane. “I’ve been saying this all along throughout the process, there’s been no finished plans available, nothing formal that is saying it’s changed to a signalized intersection with turn lanes” …