We Are New Albany will hold a candlelight prayer vigil at Hauss Square on Monday, December 18.


In response to this latest militant conspiratorial provocation, interim NAHA demolition director David Duggins is expected to announce that all public housing units in the city will commence a uniform code of interior decor, as follows.

“NAHA residents know damn well who’s buttering their bread,” commented Duggins. “If not, then we’re prepared to churn out as many staged photo ops as it takes to demonstrate our boundless sincerity.”

Next Monday there’ll be a gathering at Hauss Square.

The We Are New Albany campaign stands together in defense of housing for all, in celebration of Christmas, and in honor of a diverse, beautiful community where all are welcome. Come sing, pray, and hold a candle for our city, our neighbors, and our future.

It’s the type of event where even an atheist can feel comfortable, so I hope to see you there.