It’s a Christmas miracle — though when it comes to Bill Allen’s shit hole properties on Main Street, even Santa knows better than to dream.


This morning there was some sort of clean-up operation underway in the outdoor cockroach dining area of notorious slumlord attorney Bill Allen’s collection of neglected properties on the corner of Main and 3rd. It seems a shame to make all the rats homeless for the holidays, but when it comes to this collection of purposeful dilapidation, any news is good news.

What a community parasite.

If I were ordinance enforcement, I’d follow the wagon to make sure the contents aren’t dumped illegally on the side of the road — or at one of Allen’s other trashy buildings.

But he sure has a nice house up in Silver Hills, eh?

It’s forever noteworthy the way that none of Allen’s residential neighbors (including Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson) would tolerate squalor in their neighborhood the magnitude of which has been allowed by Allen at his Main & 3rd dump.

Bill Allen, if you’re reading … nah, there’s no need to say it aloud.