Ethics, human rights commissions remain conveniently disabled as Team Gahan, Coffey run amok.


Yesterday we examined the inspiring entrepreneurial success of Copperhead’s Valet Parking, which leveraged the little-known Cronyism Director’s Exemption (CDE) into a sweet puddle of beak-wetting for the councilman whose thirst is never satisfied.

In a dramatic semi-literate letter to city council, former redevelopment bag man Duggins accepts responsibility for Coffey’s harvest cash-coming car park cronyism caper.

In strikingly similar fashion, early last month it occurred to all and sundry that one pathway toward contesting Jeff Gahan’s hostile takeover of public housing had been misplaced and was nowhere to be found.

November 5, 2017: UPDATE: A Human Rights Commission would come in handy given the public housing putsch, but the same lawyer who wrote the belly-up human rights ordinance now sits on the public housing board. Now that’s New Gahania.

So much for CM Phipps’ sole legislative achievement in six years. Of course, there is another fake facade erected amid back-slapping fanfare by Team Gahan, only to be just as quickly stuffed into a body bag.

March 27, 2015: On the trail of the Phantom of the Ethics Commission.

So, how does one file a complaint with the Ethics Commission? Or, for that matter, the Human Rights Commission? As suggested the last time this dysfunction was assessed here at NAC

Step 1. File ethics complaint concerning city attorneys who won’t answer questions about filing ethics complaints. LOL. Sometimes I look at the tragedy and comedy masks laying there together and I just don’t know which one to choose. — Bluegill 

We already know the human rights and ethics commissions were designed to serve as lipstick on the pig. Gahan might have tolerated their creation, though solely as self-congratulatory passages on a press release or campaign flier.

Apart from the usual propaganda, there was not ever a desire on Gahan’s part for human rights and ethics commissions to be functional in any meaningful sense; given the mayor’s incessantly nurtured cult of personality, it’s absurd to believe a politician who genuinely believes he is perfection incarnate would submit to cross-examination by the rabble.

The clique keeps right on clacking,and when it comes to monetization and influence peddling, the Astroglide corporation’s owner can afford a second vacation home in Majorca off Gahan’s monthly orders alone.

As Bluegill observed yesterday about the Duggins-Coffey lovefest:

Given that procedural rules and perhaps even laws were broken, anybody want to hazard a guess what the punishment will be (other than a promotion and salary increase)?