Sad Tweedledee: “Pleasant Ridge residents win injunction against city in fight to save their homes.”


At the beginning of September, we surveyed the bizarre scene.

Charlestown’s Bob Hall channels his inner Gahan. Are the cattle cars on their way?

We can’t demand politicians be honest and transparent without congratulating Bob Hall for his candor.

If we’re all being honest (paging Mr. Dickey), there can be little doubt that the conceptual basis of ersatz Democrat Jeff Gahan’s public housing putsch in New Albany is perfectly synchronized with the undoubtedly genuine Republican Hall’s crusade to erase Pleasant Ridge from the map of Charlestown.

Both seek to make the right kind of space for the better sort of citizen. Think of it as a neatly refashioned “Lebensraum” for River Ridge — after all, it isn’t like those low-rent, anti-social elements work, or anything as useful.

As of this afternoon, there’s a fresh twist for the consideration of Tweedledee. No word from Tweedledum, though if he shows up at tonight’s council meeting, I’ll ask him.


Pleasant Ridge residents win injunction against city in fight to save their homes, by Justin Sayers (Louisville Courier Journal)

A judge ruled in favor of Pleasant Ridge residents on Monday, granting a temporary injunction that ensures Charlestown, Indiana, officials treat property owners there the same as they do a company seeking to redevelop the low-income neighborhood.

In his ruling, Scott County Judge Jason Mount says that if the city waives fines for properties owned by Pleasant Ridge Redevelopment LLC, “then it must waive fines imposed on other property owners” in the neighborhood, according to court records.

Mount’s ruling comes roughly 10 months after the Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Association asked for the injunction. It also came three months after a contentious court hearing, during which Charlestown Mayor Bob Hall testified that he did nothing wrong in trying to help remove a “low-rent” neighborhood that can attract people “who are not contributing to society.”