Jason “Sleaford Mods” Williamson on the next royal wedding: “A rosy, Walt Disney-esque illusion as we sing along to the cries of these psychopaths.”


Jason Williamson is the singer of Sleaford Mods, and as far as Andrew Fearn’s t-shirt is concerned in this clip from earlier in the year, Louis CK hadn’t yet been exposed.

Now, prepare for brutal honesty as Jason considers the British royal family in the context of current events.

Nottingham doesn’t need you, Harry, by Jason Williamson (The Guardian)

The royal couple’s visit was probably as far north as they dared go to publicise their already overhyped nuptials

Did the Windsors’ PR look at statistics for which area of the UK holds the highest number of bloodless cap doffers? Is Nottingham full of them? The doughy-eyed apologists.

Perhaps this was as far north as Harry and Meghan dared go. To be honest I’m surprised they made it past Luton. And for what? To re-announce an already heinously over-publicised wedding engagement that will extract millions from us when it hits its big day? I’m assuming the convoy of Range Rovers didn’t have to experience the growing number of homeless people who are slowly being exterminated by the subzero temperatures, helped along by the guiding hand of this eternal austerity.


Sleaford Mods: “Our shows are a bit like resistance in motion.”

“Sleaford Mods have taken charge of Britain after staging a coup against the government.”