Worsening paranoia mars Deaf Gahan’s latest attempt at self-congratulatory public housing putsch puffery.


Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch was in town today. State Representative Ed Clere organized a series of meetings in various locations, each addressing a different core topic.

I appreciate Clere’s invitation to participate.

The last session, which began a bit later than the originally projected 3:30 p.m. starting time, was held at the Cardinal Ritter House. The subject of this segment was housing in Southern Indiana — not public housing specifically, but housing in general, with emphasis on affordable housing and neighborhood issues pertaining to housing.

A cross-section of the community spoke while Crouch listened. It was an informative forum. Let’s hope it leads somewhere. I mention all this because it’s a fact that David Duggins, Mayor Jeff Gahan’s handpicked public housing demolition coordinator, was invited to attend this afternoon’s meeting.

Naturally, neither he nor Gahan bothered showing up, but by sheer coincidence (uh huh), Team Gahan chose a Friday after lunch during holiday season to float its latest propaganda release touting Dear Leader’s public housing reform prowess.

(No, this ↓ isn’t parody like the DPRK News Service on Twitter: @DPRK_News. However, it very much passive-aggressive, and indubitably @deafgahan)

Over the course of several years, the city has been analyzing the public housing stock and ways that we can better serve those in public housing through improved conditions, access to programs and services, and more.

“We are committed to serving all residents of New Albany, especially those who are in the most need. Our ten-year plan will improve housing conditions and supportive services for all residents of the New Albany Housing Authority and surrounding neighborhoods,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.

Through the link are some of those findings, and steps the city and Housing Authority are taking to improve public housing in New Albany

Gahan turns out to be a less believable liar than Donald Trump. As is his habit, Bluegill locates the jugular.

You gotta love it. Faced with unwanted public attention and criticism for their rash, crony-led actions, Gahan housing appointees keep insisting in the media that no long-term decisions have been made and won’t be made any time soon. The publicly funded Gahan PR squad, though, is just as insistent that its ten-year plan is just the thing to help everybody. #tryingtokeepthestorystraightandfailing

This being the day when Senate Republicans wouldn’t let anyone see the contents of its tax “reform” bill, it’s fascinating, stunning and extravagantly hypocritical that Gahan and his captive local Democrats won’t let anyone see their equally masterful ten-year-plan to “fix” public housing problems, at least some of which have resulted from Gahan’s persistent refusal to support previous repair-and-rebuild plans to alleviate conditions the mayor now exploits.

Self-fulfilling prophecies, anyone?

Bluegill again:

If what Mayor Gahan says about the ten-year plan is true, how about sharing it with the public? If he has that much confidence in it, surely it would be wise and useful to make it widely available.

If truth be told, Gahan’s weirdly timed hostile takeover of public housing already is his Waterloo, and before long it may well be Watergate. He’s positively Ceausescu-esque in his cult of personality but purely Nixonian when it comes to paranoia and vindictiveness.

Already I’ve heard several reports of Gahan’s shameless toady bootlickers threatening and/or intimidating public housing residents who’ve been trying to ask questions and organize.

In addition, I strongly suspect that several of the non-resident voices originally speaking against the putsch have been cowered into silence.

You own this catastrophe, Democrats. As a citizen of this city, I’m embarrassed, but much like Trump, it’s never a good idea to imagine we’ve hit rock-bottom.