Renovation and restoration: From Love’s Cafe to Good Times to … well, a building both old and new.


Work in progress by Resch Construction at 114 East Market Street. The floor that supported generations of Love’s Cafe and Good Times patrons proved to be rotted and sagging, and was removed in favor of concrete.

During the extensive rehab effort, as many original components as possible have been salvaged. They yield fascinating insights into 150-year-old construction techniques. For instance, this entire wood frame structure was built with almost no nails.

This ceiling joist was joined to the supporting beam with a mortise and tenon (tenon is the tongue and mortise the hole).

A wooden peg for joining.

This support beam was hand-hewed with an ax.

These original poplar boards have since been cleaned.

The aim is to repurpose this wood in the interior. Meanwhile, the exterior view in early November:


Talk about a grand opening — it’s a Good Time to take a look inside what used to be Love’s Cafe.