Landan counter-attacks: “After Facebook Outrage, Owner Of Haymarket Whiskey Bar Sues Over Rape Allegations.”

Photo credit: Insider Louisville (read Joe Sonka’s report).

For two weeks, silence.

“When internet justice is likely the only justice”: Allegations of rape against Matthew Landan result in the closing of Haymarket Whiskey Bar. Are we learning yet?

Now, Matthew Landan strikes back.

As of last evening, the inevitable shit show has commenced. For my money, Erica Peterson provides a clear, easy-to-digest summary of where matters stand at this time.

After Facebook Outrage, Owner Of Haymarket Whiskey Bar Sues Over Rape Allegations, by Erica Peterson (WFPL)

The owner of a local whiskey bar has filed a lawsuit against two women who have accused him of sexual assault and two former employees who staged a walkout at the bar.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday evening in Jefferson Circuit Court on behalf of Matthew Landan of Haymarket Whiskey Bar alleges his business and reputation were irreparably damaged by the fallout from a Facebook post that called Landan a rapist.

The lawsuit alleges the accusers made false statements, knew they were false, and made them with “reckless disregard.” Landan claims he suffered damage to his reputation, embarrassment and emotional distress.

WFPL is not naming the women who accused Landan because they are alleging sexual assault and haven’t gone on the record. Attorneys for the women have not returned our requests for comment.

For decades, the legal system has often failed women who have accused men of sexual assault. For this reason, some feel outlets like Facebook are their best option to tell their stories.

But social media can be a double-edged sword. In a moment where it provides a megaphone for these stories — everything from women sharing stories of sexual harassment with the hashtag #metoo to the viral meme that called Landan a rapist — the legal landscape for these cases is more complicated than ever …