Public housing putsch: “New Albany’s government is being reckless and disorganized. Gahan’s power grabs are not much different from those of Governor Selfie in Kentucky.”


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Meanwhile, Erica Rucker called City Hall, and she’s waiting for a reply. If there is any one thing we’ve learned during the Anals of New Gahania, it’s that Team Gahan will not rush to make a decision on the finalization of any and all requests for information and dialogue; instead, the city will take its time and be methodical.*

Don’t hold your breath, Erica. What you’ll be getting, if anything at all is proffered, goes like this: “The City does not possess the above referenced items.”

New Albany’s plan gets personal, by Erica Rucker (LEO Weekly)

New Albany, let’s talk.

I’m a Louisvillian by birth, and my heart still lives in the River City, but I sleep in New Albany because I married a Hoosier. I love much about this hamlet; and I am excited to see it growing and changing.

What doesn’t excite me is a questionable plan coming out of Mayor Jeff Gahan’s office over a housing project proposal that will affect 1,500 or more New Albany residents, including one of my oldest and dearest friends, Gloria Nelly, 46. We’ve been friends for over 30 years.

You see, Gloria, lives in Parkview Terrace with her sons. It is important to me that she and her family have a place to sleep, be warm and celebrate their holidays.

In March 2017, the News and Tribune reported that the Housing Authority of New Albany, under the thumb of Gahan, plans to destroy 635 of its 1,100 public housing units. Gahan’s idea is to reduce the number of public dwellings held by the city. The problem is — there is no plan for rebuilding or relocating residents. They claim there will be plans, but nothing solid has been made available. At least not one I can easily locate.

I did call the city, and I’m waiting for a response …

* Let it be known that Pat McLaughlin’s never going to live down that “methodical” street grid quote … ever.