A personal request to sign this on-line petition to Jeff Gahan: No demolition without a plan to replace public housing in New Albany.


If you’re in agreement and haven’t already done so, please sign the on-line petition.

In Spring 2017, New Albany, Indiana Mayor Jeff Gahan announced his intention to demolish more than half of the town’s public housing stock. Apart from vague promises of housing vouchers, residents have been told almost nothing about the plan or what will become of them. Sign the petition: No demolition without a plan to replace!

We Are New Albany is a grassroots movement being organized by Hoosier Action.

Here’s a six-pack of recent headlines.

Esteemed interim executive director Duggins gives a fresh, contemporary look to that boring old New Albany Housing Authority Fact Sheet.

UPDATE: A Human Rights Commission would come in handy given the public housing putsch, but the same lawyer who wrote the belly-up human rights ordinance now sits on the public housing board. Now that’sNew Gahania.

Concerned about Gahan’s public housing putsch? You are invited to a meeting of We Are New Albany this Wednesday at Destinations Booksellers (7:00 p.m.)

More about Hoosier Action, and a reminder: We Are New Albany.

Meet WE ARE NEW ALBANY, and tell Jeff Gahan: No demolition of public housing without a plan to replace!

The Putsch Man Cometh: Jeff Gahan waxes delusional about being a public housing “advocate,” then cheerfully explains why he should be summarily deposed in 2019.