Gahan’s family values sit-com: “That’s totally RAD,” whispers the interim director amid popping corks. Meanwhile, Irving Joshua reads from his script.


In terms of comprehensive looks, that was one fast assessment. We can only hope the conclusion isn’t premature.

Firm to assess housing conditions in New Albany, by Elizabeth Beilman (Dreaming of Terre Haute)

Reports part of plan for big changes in public housing

NEW ALBANY — The New Albany Housing Authority board is hiring a firm to complete extensive condition assessments of its housing stock, a necessary step in its plan to demolish or rehabilitate many of its 1,000 units.

Maryland-based firm EMG Corp. will spend up to six months inspecting six complexes to determine what kind of conditions they are in — from air quality to structural conditions to energy consumption.

“It is a comprehensive look at everything,” interim Executive Director David Duggins said.


Dad’s always been totally humorless about this sort of thing.

You see the damnedest sights from the levee on a Friday at lunch.