Meet WE ARE NEW ALBANY, and tell Jeff Gahan: No demolition of public housing without a plan to replace!


Yesterday evening I was honored to attend an organizational meeting of We Are New Albany.

In Spring 2017, New Albany, Indiana Mayor Jeff Gahan announced his intention to demolish more than half of the town’s public housing stock. Apart from vague promises of housing vouchers, residents have been told almost nothing about the plan or what will become of them. Sign the petition: No demolition without a plan to replace!

Click through to watch the videos and to submit your contact information and keep informed. We Are New Albany is a project of Hoosier Action.

We believe that people—particularly low-income people —must be at the center of decision making, and their lives and their voices must be a foundational part of our shared democracy.


For too long people have been left out of the political process while losing economic ground. Families are having a hard time making ends meet, and, at the same time, democracy in Indiana has been effectively eroded through gerrymandering and Voter ID. The real concerns of Hoosier families are not being met, while our political representation has been left unaccountable to the people of the state.

This being the current state of affairs, Hoosier Action was formed as a new non-profit organization working to unite people to prevent cuts to vital healthcare and access to benefits, and to promote economic vitality — building strong political awareness and participation. We believe that people—particularly low-income people—must be at the center of decision making, and their lives and voices must be a foundational part of our shared democracy. Hoosier Action emphasizes building broad-based constituencies aligned to increase voter participation, lift people out of poverty, and build a new political voice for people who have often been left on the margins.


Kate Hess Pace has worked for the past seven years as a community organizer for ISAIAH in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota) to empower people who have been left out of public decision making and to create organizations focused on building power for social justice. She led the campaign to win the Homeowners Bill of Rights, securing some of the strongest foreclosure protections in the country, she was an integral part of the successful efforts to defeat voting ID on the ballot in Minnesota, and she worked with Director Richard Cordray of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to put forward some of the first federal rules on predatory lending. Kate is a national trainer, leading training and workshops for community leaders for several years. She is a fourth generation Hoosier and deep believer in the potential of the state and its people.

You’ll be hearing much more in the weeks and months to come. Those of you who recall the mayoral campaign in 2015 will recall the old-fashioned paper petitions we used to accumulate signatures and get my name on the ballot. We’ll be going through a similar petition process on behalf of We Are New Albany, in order to deliver a simple message: We are New Albany, we’re opposed to Gahan’s hostile takeover of public housing … and we vote.

Until then, please view the videos and get your name on the list.