Pleasant Ridge, meet Louisville City FC: “These people having their homes is more important than a soccer stadium.”


First a protest by New Albany Housing Authority residents at last Saturday’s Harvest Homecoming parade; now the targeted at Pleasant Ridge taking the consciousness-raising across the bridge.

These are interesting times, eh?

Last year John Neace donated to Trey Hollingsworth, a Republican, but the Louisville City FC stadium drive is Greg Fischer’s gig, and he is a Democrat (?), as is Jeff Gahan, who idolizes Fischer, and who recently waged a hostile takeover of public housing in New Albany; now the Democrats opposed to Hollingsworth decry the mayor of Charlestown (a Republican) for hopping into bed with Neace, but Gahan gets a free pass for doing the same thing as Bob Hall, because …

Because why, exactly?

Apart from unalloyed hypocrisy, that is? 

‘Better ways to do business’: Pleasant Ridge residents protest LouCity FC chairman at game, by Grace Schneider (Courier-Journal)

Nearly two dozen residents of Pleasant Ridge, a neighborhood in Charlestown, Indiana, picketed outside Louisville City FC’s Saturday night game to highlight their opposition to the city of Louisville’s involvement with team chairman John Neace.

Carrying signs and a banner, residents handed out pamphlets that said Neace “is trying to bulldoze our homes.”

They shouted “Go FC” to fans headed into Slugger Field and told them they were there only to protest Neace, the team’s biggest investor.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has proposed using a $30-million bond issue to buy property and improve infrastructure in the Butchertown neighborhood east of downtown to assist the stadium project. Metro Council members are scheduled to vote on a bond ordinance Oct. 26.