That’s just dandy: Newspaper paywall blocks explanation about paying to avoid newspaper paywall.


You simply can’t make this stuff up.

The News and Tribune provides a link to a page breathlessly explaining the new fee ‘Bama retiree-mandated corporate fee structure …

You can now buy 24-hour passes to

 … and predictably, you’re not allowed to read the sales pitch without paying for the privilege.

Still, speaking only for myself, I’d consider subscribing to some sort of on-line-only access, but only if a couple of conditions are met.

First, a simple thank you from management for 13 whole years of directing traffic from this blog to the newspaper’s web site. I may be critical of the newspaper at widely scattered intervals, but I signpost the route for readers to decide for themselves.

I adhere to the rules of the game. Management diddles. So it goes.

Second, simple courtesy when it comes to crediting NA Confidential when the blog breaks a story. It’s not every day, but it happens. When reporters ask me about something they’ve seen on the blog, I’m never coy and always answer them straight.

It’d be nice to experience some reciprocity now and again. Breath duly held, I now go forth and proceed … to avoid Harvest Homecoming.

Only one more day, people.

Just one more day.