ASK THE BORED: This might be BOW’s best parking idea yet — and ideal for the week ahead, too.


Tuesday evening update: Councilman Al Knable looked into this: “These signs are slated to come down for Harvest Homecoming weekend if scheduled work can’t be finished by (Wednesday).”

This sign is one of many posted along Main Street, as forwarded by Main Street resident Josh Pavey.

It came into NAC too late for this morning’s BOW conclave, so I’ll ask the obvious question in this forum:

Whose bright idea was it to approve a prohibition on parking, on Main Street, during the week of Harvest Homecoming?

In the annals of the Chronicles of New Gahania, perhaps only the street piano beats this, though maybe if MAC rushes the job, it can be redone for a third (fourth?) time by the advent of Harvest Homecoming 2019.