King Larry back on the catwalk: “How cycling shorts became the height of fashion.”

Photo credit: GQ.

Yet again, I’m reminded of former council person Larry Kochert’s enduring obsession with biking shorts.


Skin-tight leg wraps that threaten the fragile masculinity of a former Gang of Four council stalwart; also called “tights,” as in, “Let’s all get tights, and vote in my garage for a change.”

Well, back then he was considered a stalwart Democrat (cue the laugh track) … and I had the legs for it. Alas, while Strom Thurmond remains the King’s pin-up boy, both my calves have declined.

But now, an exciting new twist to the tale of the councilman’s leg fetish.

Once more, and hardly for the first time, we see that I was way ahead of the crowd when it comes to fashion.

Bum steer: how cycling shorts became the height of fashion (The Guardian)

The clothing item beloved by obsessive peddlers but much maligned by everyone else, has received a high-end makeover from Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Dior

Name: Black cycling shorts.

Appearance: Black cycling shorts.

What are they? Black cycling shorts.

Ah, yes. I think I’ve seen these. Are they the things I get stuck behind whenever I drive uphill on a sunny Saturday? That’s right. Cycling shorts are tight, stretchy leg coverings that stop above the knee and often contain the bottom, thighs and genitals of an obsessive peddler.

Oh, believe me, I can see exactly what they contain. I have to stare at them for hours while I wait to overtake. My sympathies …