Here’s another idea for Deaf Gahan to steal: “Cemetery of Anchors.”


We have plenty enough anchors, and sufficient dead weight in City Hall — but is there space left next to the luxury dog park?

Santa Luzia, Portugal: Cemetery of Anchors (Atlas Obscura)

Dead weights honor the dead of Portugal’s fishing industry.

The anchors once weighed down the nets for catching tuna. They’re lined up in rows and exist without any real pomp or officiality. The bustling fishing port is home to archaeological sites of 13 of the lost boats, and people continue to search for the many other wrecks. The regional government established the area as the Parque Arqueológico Subaquático da Baía de Angra (Archeological Subaquatic Park of the Bay of Angra) in 2005 to preserve its historical and cultural significance …