Talk about a grand opening — it’s a Good Time to take a look inside what used to be Love’s Cafe.


Here’s how the building appeared when last we glanced.

Back to September …

Our most recent update on the de- and re-construction of the former Good Times (and Love’s Cafe) building on (now) two-way Market Street came at the end of May.

Better times at the former Good Times at 114 E. Market Street.

Since then, Resch Construction has been busy finishing other projects, including TheatreWorks of Southern Indiana and Hull & High Water.

It seems the focus has returned to this 1880s-era wood frame building. Multiple loads of gravel have been dumped in preparation for pouring a concrete floor, and earlier this afternoon the crew was discussing doors and windows with a representative of PC.

Stay tuned for further information as it is gleaned by the Green Mouse, who has been on holiday.