OMG — it’s a pre-Harvest Homecoming sidewalk trip hazard removal miracle!


The southeast side of 10th & Elm ↑ and northeast ↓ on Tuesday, 26 September 2017.

The same views in June of this year, showing the perennial trip hazards in these two spots.

In June, NAC recalled the countless years of inaction.

Covering and uncovering trip hazards at Elm and 10th without bothering to fix the problem? Why, that’s #gahansafe!

It’s been almost two years since NAC somewhat belatedly pointed to pedestrian trip hazards on two corners of Elm and 10th, these having gone unaddressed for so many years that even long-term residents couldn’t recall the exact duration.

How many years to remove two hunks of trio-hazard metal and fill in the holes?

#HisNA #WhatATrip