What can two-way drivers see that one-way driver’s didn’t?


When Spring Street was reverted to two way traffic, some of the first comments I heard were about the urban tableau “looking different” than it did before.

As someone who walks a lot, this observation didn’t make sense to me, at least until I realized that for many people a one-way perspective has been virtually the only one they’ve ever seen … while driving through downtown, rarely walking.

Following are some examples of this phenomenon. Please submit yours, and I’ll post them after I return from vacation.

Dress & Dwell’s new west-facing logo might be a coincidence given the ongoing alley beautification project, but it definitely stands out for those traveling east on Spring.

Businesses on the Pearl Street side of the old Opera House now can be seen by drivers and passengers who are headed east.

Unfortunately, so can the terminally vacant former La Rosita space. Perhaps an expanded point of view will help conjure a buyer or new tenants (hint: signage larger than a sheet of paper might help achieving this aim).

Over on Market, you’ve always seen this side.

Now there’s balance.

In closing, don’t forget to two-way your banners.