Adam polishes Jeffrey’s personality cult, and yet Dickey’s Floyd County Democratic Party still hasn’t embraced Gahan’s public housing putsch.


Adam Dickey’s a chairman on fire.

Recently at the Facebook page of the Floyd County Democratic Party, he’s touted the party’s local savior Jeff Gahan on four occasions (displayed like dainty meat counter offal below).

And yet Adam keeps forgetting to openly praise his Dear Leader’s public housing putsch package.

ON THE AVENUES: Using Deaf Gahan’s dullest razor, we race straight to the bottom of his hurried NAHA putsch launch.

The party’s in favor, right? I mean, not a single elected Democrat has openly questioned the land grab, and surely this is a policy deriving from the chairman’s iron grip?

If local Democrats can’t honestly address Jeff Gahan’s public housing putsch, how can they “resist” Trump?

With so many local Democratic “leaders” self-identifying as geniuses, we must conclude that their current consumptive hypocrisy is a choice, not an accident.

It’s #OurNA, all right: “New Albany attempting to purge itself of the poor” … so, are local Democrats finally catching on to the Gahan shell game?

Shouldn’t Adam and his party apparatus just step up and be honest … for once?

I’d gently remind them of the prevailing dissonance, but unfortunately, Adam still bans me from social media dialogue. Apparently he’s no more interested in free speech than forthright public disclosures of socio-economic engineering.

Consequently, it’s our job not to forget.