Council Thursday: Heads up, tree contractors, because Bob Caesar wants to enforce your asses.


Tonight’s power poll winner already is obvious. It’s the city attorney, charged with enforcement of a whole new and upwardly revised set of fines for not properly disposing of tree limbs, litter, trash and unsold Bicentennial books.

First, at 6:45 p.m. there’ll be a public hearing where you can comment on budget items of which you’re entirely unaware — as is Dan Coffey, who skipped two budget hearings as well as the most recent council meeting.

Tonight’s agenda is next.

We’re not even sure Deaf Gahan signed the last littering ordinance update, seeing as though it smelled a bit too Republican for the anosmatic-in-chief, but this one should pass muster far more readily given Caesar’s dual position as lickspittle polisher and unofficial mayor-in-waiting.

All right, tree contractors — who forgot to make the campaign donations?