Luddites wail, but Market Street slated to return to rationality next Tuesday morning.

BoW approves the mayor’s celebratory motorcade.

The newspaper’s Morris attended this morning’s piano anniversary meeting, and he reports that Market Street’s reversion to two-way traffic will come next Tuesday, September 12, to be followed by Elm Street at an undisclosed date thereafter.

Market Street in New Albany to be converted to two-way traffic Sept. 12, by Chris Morris (Double the Christianity, Double the Phun)

 … Paul Lincks with HWC Engineering, said the plan is to convert Market Street, from State Street to Vincennes Street, Sept. 12. Work will begin that morning at 7 a.m. and will include restriping angle parking spots in the downtown area for westbound traffic. The work should be finished by 12 p.m.