If local Democrats can’t honestly address Jeff Gahan’s public housing putsch, how can they “resist” Trump?


Once again, I asked.

“C’mon down, Floyd County Democrats. If you’re a FCDP type of guy or gal AND support Mayor Gahan’s plans for (and handling of) the New Albany Housing Authority, let us know why. Gahan describes himself as a public housing ‘advocate.’ How so? I keep asking, and crickets keep chirping, but surely there’s a Democrat out there willing to make the case. Thanks in advance.”

Once again, only the dulcet tones of pins dropping came back to my yearning ears. A Facebook conversation developed, albeit with no one actually answering the question I posed.

Then Susan, one of the few prescient and consistent progressive Democratic commentators in New Albany, especially since Deaf Gahan’s Public Housing Putsch 2017 got under way, made this comment.

“I have been asking the same question. We keep waiting for Republicans to recognize what is going on with Trump. Strikes me that this is a similar situation.”

It strikes me, too.

The oddest thing about Gahan’s public housing housing land grab is the deafening silence emanating from his own Democratic Party camp. If it’s the best policy, shouldn’t Gahan’s allies be out in force, lifting anchors and praising Dear Leader’s unerring judgment?

And yet they’re not. In fact, they’re not uttering a single muffled peep.

Voices in opposition have come from a broad array of society: a holdover board member, former NAHA employees, social workers, activists, honest Democratic Party progressives like Susan, and even a couple of non-office-holding Republicans.

What you permit, you promote — and silence is complicity.

It makes sense to me why most Republicans would clam up; after all, a Democrat’s doing something they agree with, and politically, there’s no point in agreeing publicly.

But shouldn’t the hosannas be sounding for Gahan from the Democratic rank and file?

Or are they just too damned embarrassed?

And, whether they’re supportive of the putsch and somehow to shy to show it, or opposed to the shambles and weirdly unwilling to utter it, how can the party even pretend to be marching to Adam Dickey’s hyperbolic “resistance” campaign against The Donald?

There’s something nasty and Trumpian worthy of resistance right here in New Albany, but because Gahan’s one of them, lots of spines aren’t showing up on the x-rays.

Has the Floyd County Democratic Party ever been this hypocritical and useless?