The Putsch Man Cometh: Jeff Gahan waxes delusional about being a public housing “advocate,” then cheerfully explains why he should be summarily deposed in 2019.


The Courier-Journal’s Justin Sayers surveys the corroded tinpot grandeur of Jeff Gahan’s Public Housing Putsch 2017, and both the mayor and his servile, bootlicking minions predictably emerge on a subterranean par with Donald Trump and his motley band of societal looters.

Despite reassurances, plan to scatter public housing spreads fear across Louisville

 … (resident Candace) Brewer started circulating a petition in early July that asks Gahan to not “tear down public housing without a plan to replace it.” She got 400 signatures from New Albany residents in the first month.

Gahan, who said his parents were in public housing for a time, considers himself an advocate for it.

Gahan’s utterly unqualified but extravagantly over-compensated operative Dugout also is an advocate … of the Scarecrow’s predicament in The Wizard of Oz.

(David) Duggins said the goal is to move residents into more mixed-income living spaces and neighborhoods. He acknowledged that it could be difficult for residents but said the conditions in the new units would be better than they are currently.

“If you would offer the opportunity for that family or that individual to move to a new location and a new unit, to me, that’s a no-brainer,” he said.

There’s something to be said for intimate personal experience.

Others have taken note of the New Tidal Wave of Gahan’s bobble-headed sycophants on the NAHA board, and meanwhile, the mayor styles himself as a Great Communicator, which is so obvious a contrived whopper that I won’t waste readers’ time refuting it.

Brewer and (resident Shirley) Fitzgerald lamented changes on the authority’s board and police presence at its meeting, calling it an intimidation tactic.

Gahan said he does not believe he and the housing authority have hidden their plans — he said the housing authority sent letters to every resident notifying them of the plan and that he published a letter in local newspaper the News and Tribune prior to a vote to move forward with the plan.

He called the presence of police typical for every city board meeting but said he was concerned by residents’ feelings that they were being intimidated. He added that he would look into it and “not one time will we not be listening to people.” There were no police officers at the next meeting.

Allow me to fix that: “Not one time will we begin listening to people, here or elsewhere in the city.”

Intent on adding self-insult to injury, Gahan proceeds to explain to Sayers exactly why he should not serve a third term as Anchor in Chief.

This public housing plan is spreading fear across Louisville. Here’s what you need to know

 … Gahan told the Courier-Journal that Lane was fired because he needed to ensure that the plan had the support of the housing authority’s director. Lane declined to comment when reached by the Courier-Journal.

“We’re moving forward with a plan that needs the support of a lot of people and it certainly needs the support of the director,” Gahan said. “I think sometimes changes are necessary especially when an organization has been pursuing certain plans for a long time.”

Credit Gahan for being able to tell the truth at least once during the course of his chats with Sayers, and thanks to the reporter for capturing the intellectual carnage.

Finally, let’s look at what 9th District congressional aspirant Dan Canon, a genuine real-life Progressive Democrat, had to say about Bob Hall’s Gahanesque tactics v.v. Pleasant Ridge Lebensraum in Charlestown (Charlestown’s Bob Hall channels his inner Gahan. Are the cattle cars on their way?)

Unbelievable. This guy has no shame about driving the working class out of the city by destroying entire neighborhoods. I am trying to avoid the internet this weekend but this is so appalling I can’t stand it.

Mayor Hall: consider that if the torches and pitchforks come (and let me be clear that progressives are trying to stop that from happening), they are coming first for elected officials who wipe out the working poor to accommodate the wealthy. You can only take so much from your own people. Taking their homes is going too damn far.

Tell it to Gahan, and tell me, Adam Dickey: How is it that a regressive like Jeff Gahan and a progressive like Dan Canon can somehow co-exist in your hypocritical, tottering party tent?

How many masters can you personally serve before the whole rotten edifice comes crashing down around your slickly ambitious earlobes?

Now more than ever, local progressives worthy of the name have a clear dual mandate:

Do whatever is possible to seat Canon in 2018 — and to unseat Gahan in 2019.