SHANE’S EXCELLENT NEW WORDS: A double-dipping pleasure is waiting for you, because it’s where you want to be.


Double dipping?

It isn’t just for chewing gum (or ice cream) any more.

Gahan in eclipse? The ruling circle continues to shrink, but cerebral inbreeding makes better ideas, right? It certainly does wonders for pay packets.

 … Hence the apparent (rumored) solution: allow Duggins to double-dip while at NAHA, continuing to moonlight coordinating the cash-stuffed envelopes at Redevelopment even as a loyal Democratic foot soldier (Tony Toran) is added at NAHA to do the unqualified Dugout’s job, while assigning the task of pretending to do redevelopment work to the already well compensated corporate attorney, Shane Gibson, whose only true mission in the Church of Gahan is to coordinate the Machiavellian subterfuge of the preceding flow chart.

Be forewarned that the Urban Dictionary’s explanations are not for the naive or squeamish, but Wikipedia’s disambiguation page has several examples of usage for double dipping. A few of them are collected here. The list is not intended as exhaustive; that’s why we have the FBI, after all.

Office holding: Dual mandate (or, double dipping)

Dual mandates are sometimes prohibited by law. For example, in federal states, federal office holders are often not permitted to hold state office. In states with a presidential system of government, membership of the executive, the legislature, or the judiciary generally disqualifies a person from simultaneously holding office in either of the other two bodies. In states with bicameral legislatures, one usually cannot simultaneously be a member of both houses. The holder of one office who wins election or appointment to another where a dual mandate is prohibited must either resign the former office or refuse the new one.

Hygiene: Food Experts Have Finally Solved The Double-Dipping Debate

Let’s just admit it: We’ve all double dipped. Whether you’re at a frat party, a family dinner, or black-tie event, it just seems wrong to eat a chip without any dip. The logic when you take that half-eaten chip back for round two goes something like, How bad can it be, right?

Economics: Definition of double-dip recession

When an economy goes into recession twice without having undergone a full recovery in between.

Pensions: Looking Twice at Pension Double-Dipping: Should full pensions be allowed if you keep working?

Recent news coverage in USA Today highlighted the public-sector practice of “double dipping” — receiving pension benefits intended for retirement purposes while drawing a salary with another employer (or in some cases, the same employer).

Investments: What is financial double-dipping? 

In the financial industry, double-dipping occurs when a financial professional, such as a broker, places commissioned products into a fee-based account and then makes money from both the commission and the fee.


[duhb-uh l-dip-ing]

1. the act or practice of receiving more than one income or collecting double benefits from the same employer or organization.

First recorded in 1970-75

And the math?

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

If you don’t know what they mean … just monetize them!