At long last, a genuinely useful undertaking for DNA: “The (Wausau) project aims to increase foot traffic to businesses and highlight downtown’s walkability.”

Photo credit: Wausau Daily Herald.

Wausau, Wisconsin — population 39,000.
New Albany, Indiana — population 37,000.

Imagine these in New Albany.

It’s a downtown project that would be useful on a daily basis, and wouldn’t involve stereotypes apart from refuting the ones erroneously informing us that we must drive everywhere we go and park in front of the door.

(Seeing as Develop New Albany has joined City Hall and the News and Tribune insofar as generally refraining from answering NAC’s e-mails, perhaps a mutual friend/reader might undertake to plant the seed. Tell them it’s fine; they can have full credit, and needn’t credit their friendly neighborhood blog.)

Of course, it couldn’t be a members-only sort of thing …

‘It is a 2-minute walk’: New signs in downtown Wausau aim to encourage pedestrians, by Haley BeMiller (Wausau Daily Herald)

WAUSAU – Wausau residents and visitors now have new encouragement to roam downtown on foot.

The Wausau River District and Marathon County Healthy Eating Active Living Coalition partnered to install signs Wednesday directing pedestrians to downtown landmarks and businesses such as Inner Sleeve Records, Polito’s and City Hall. They show how many minutes it will take for someone to walk to the next destination and allow people to scan the signs with a smartphone to get directions.

The project aims to increase foot traffic to businesses and highlight downtown’s walkability. Elizabeth Brodek, executive director of the Wausau River District, said the signs can help people understand they don’t need to hop in the car to get somewhere a block away …