Gahan in eclipse? It isn’t heroin, it’s #HereIAm …


Nope, nothing much has changed since May, when even the News and Tribune noticed.

Editor Duncan pithily calls out New Albany in the newspaper’s “Crossroads of Crisis” series finale.

A friend posted this photo yesterday on Facebook.

Nothing to see there. Just so long as it isn’t in eyesight of luxury housing.

NA Confidential persists in reprinting these instructions for the safe disposal of syringes and sharps, as found on the city of Louisville’s web site. In New Albany, Team Gahan has chosen to mimic Ronald Reagan’s response to the AIDS crisis by saying nothing at all.

Here are the search results.


#HisNA isn’t very sharp, even if plenty of them are scattered around, pretending to be pine needles. Maybe what we really have is an overdose of Disney Think.