Black Lives Matter: “You can agree or disagree with (it), but nothing in it promotes hatred of any race or group.”


Even if Develop New Albany seems determined to sweep its own teachable moment under the soiled but convenient rug of Dear Leader’s scandal-plagued wing, other such opportunities have been in abundance since last weekend’s display of Neanderthal Americana in Charlottesville.

Like this one. Does the local branch of the Democratic Party ever find itself waxing democratic about “matters” like this?

You’re right; unlikely, isn’t it? Jeff Gahan’s largest bloc of supporters doesn’t want to be troubled by thoughts of this nature, and so the dog whistles will continue.

The Economist explains: The misplaced arguments against Black Lives Matter

Some on the right have called for the movement to be classified as a hate group

 … Some seem to object to the name, hearing in the phrase “Black lives matter” the implication that other lives do not.

That argument is easily dismissed. Affirming one thing does not negate all else. Donating money to support, say, cancer research does not make one a cheerleader for tuberculosis. Someone who says that black lives matter does not imply that other lives do not—they are simply reminding people that for most of American history black lives have been valued less than white ones. The days of slavery and de jure segregation have mercifully passed, but black Americans remain poorer, less healthy and more likely to be killed by police than whites. You can agree or disagree with BLM’s platform, but nothing in it promotes hatred of any race or group.