THE BEER BEAT: Scofflaw Brewing flies the bird as AB InBev shareholders watch with preda-masturbatory glee.

Photo credit: Paste.

The ensuing scenario can be easily imagined.

Somewhere deep inside the bowels of AB InBev, one among a legion of highly paid thievery consultants peruses the Paste article with ill-contained and growing enthusiasm.

“It’s just what we need,” he says to himself while frantically calculating shelf space algorithms.

“An edgy vibe, perfect for capturing the ‘screw you’ market segment.”

Within weeks, a new photo appears.

Now, Scofflaw’s friends and foes alike at last find common cause to unite, rejecting the newborn mockrobrew to find the next greatest Northeastern IPA, and lofting those middle fingers in the precise direction this most honest of all personal salutes always should have been pointed.

To AB InBev … over and over …rinse, repeat … and bartender, can I have a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, please?

Breweries vs. Fans: Craft Beer on Social Media, by Jim Vorel (Paste)

Take a look at the photo above. The crowd of assembled, bearded brewers (and a few ladies) belongs to Atlanta-area brewers Scofflaw Brewing Co. You may have noticed that they all have their middle fingers raised in salute—I assure you that this will become relevant soon enough. But first, a little bit of background.

Scofflaw is one of the young stars of Atlanta’s beer scene, having gathered a huge amount of hype for a company that hasn’t yet celebrated its one-year anniversary …

 … But there’s always a flip side to such stories, and according to many Scofflaw drinkers, the pressing issue is consistency and replicability of the company’s flagship beers such as Basement IPA …

 … What is uncommon is a brewery reacting to those types of concerns with combative words and upturned middle fingers. That’s what Scofflaw did via Facebook yesterday, firing off a post that has lit up the Atlanta craft beer scene and ignited debate on both sides.