Grid Control, Vol. 21: Murderous intersection at Spring & 10th to be repaved and restriped — and, the hocus-pocus with a disappearing “No Trucks” sign at Spring & Vincennes.


On Thursday morning, the dull roar of invasive roadway dentistry signaled an exciting new phase in the ongoing grid modernization monetization project.

The whole intersection at Spring & 10th has been milled, to be repaved and restriped. Seeing as I missed Tuesday’s Bored of Public Works and Safety meeting, we turn now to Chris at Hanson’s Folly for coverage.

• The intersection at 10th and Spring streets will be milled, repaved and restriped in preparation for the two-way street conversion. The curve at Spring and 10th was considered too sharp for the marked speed limit, forcing drivers over into the bike lane. The area had already been striped, but will now have to be redone.

They’ll do anything to avoid a four-way stop, won’t they?

Ah, but here’s something useful.

• Many of the center lines on the streets that are part of the downtown grid modernization plan will not be marked until right before the streets are converted to two-way to avoid confusion. These streets include Elm, Market, Bank and Pearl.

Here’s how the intersection looked on Wednesday morning.

This Ragle employee seemingly was doing the impossible, because every single car coming around the curve meekly slowed and successfully stayed between the lines.

Had we just permanently stationed rotating city council reps, deploying them to work traffic slowing shifts at this corner, equipped with folding chairs and whips, the repaving wouldn’t even be needed.

Let’s move to the intersection of Spring and Vincennes, where it’s time to play Street Grid Hocus Pocus.

Now you see the “No Trucks” sign …

… and now you don’t.

Damn — the trucking lobby works fast, a task made easier by virtue of a thoroughly spineless and milquetoast City Hall.


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